Processing Overview

・ This process produces inorganic coatings on the surface of metallic materials such as steel by a wet chemical reaction.
Rust prevention and wear resistance of steel are improved by depositing a crystalline passive film of manganese phosphate with a thickness of 1 to 15μm on the steel surface by immersion treatment.
・Coating with excellent oil absorption and retention improves lubrication of rotating and sliding parts.
・Direct metal-to-metal contact is suppressed to prevent problems such as seizure and galling.
・Since the coating is passive, it is not affected by the gas released from the internal combustion engine.
・The coating removes tool marks produced in machining, and improves initial running-in.
・Greatly improved lubrication effects with a composite of molybdenum disulfide, graphite, fluorocarbon polymers and solid lubricants.


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