Greetings from the President

President Fumikazu Ozaki
President Fumikazu Ozaki

Welcome to the Parker Processing website.
Since our establishment, we have developed our technological capabilities in the field of metal surface treatment in order to satisfy the diverse requirements of our customers in a wide range of industrial fields.
Parker Processing’s surface treatment technology is indispensable for manufacturing in fields ranging from core industries such as steel, automobiles, electrical machinery, and railways to cutting-edge fields such as IoT.
With technological innovation and the resulting diversification of customers’ needs, we are continuing to refine our capabilities for offering technical proposals and solutions for our customers.
In 2018 we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the company's establishment.
We would like to thank our customers and other stakeholders for the advice and encouragement we have received over the years.
Parker Processing aims to be a pioneer in the field of surface treatment of a diverse range of materials. We will continue to contribute to society through the provision of surface treatment technologies while giving top priority to customer satisfaction.
Thank you for your continued patronage.

President Fumikazu Ozaki


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