Processing Overview

・This coating system is a surface treatment system aiming at providing corrosion resistance, antifouling property, heat resistance, insulation property, anti-glare property, lubricity, and other functions to the product surface, whether ferrous or non-ferrous metals, or resin materials. In addition, it provides design-oriented properties such as color and glossiness

・By combining our surface pre-treatments with functional coatings, it is possible to create surface treatments which provide not only simple aesthetics and rust prevention, but also  a variety of functions to products ranging from large works such as construction works to small electronic component parts of several millimeters.
・For electronics, optics, consumer electronics, machinery, construction and automotive products. Various treatment combinations are available ranging from pre-treatment to formation of coating layers, depending on the application.
In addition, the high-precision film thickness control method provides high functionality and design properties over a wide range of film thicknesses.


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