Processing Overview

・The effect of reducing the friction coefficient on the sliding surface remains unchanged, and the seizure resistance is maintained even in severe sliding environments under high surface pressures.
High durability solid lubricant coating treatment.
・In response to recent trends toward improved fuel efficiency in automobiles, there is a growing need to reduce frictional wear loads on sliding parts, by making parts smaller and lighter, and by reducing friction.PAPRO Slide SP is a surface treatment with a special additive that reduces the friction coefficient and improves high surface pressure resistance so that the coating can withstand higher surface pressure than conventional PAPRO Slide processes.

・ This is a new special solid lubricant coating that prevents seizure under high surface pressure, overcoming the limits of solid lubricant coatings.
・ The coating has high corrosion resistance, and corrosion resistance is not sacrificed in the sulfurization process.
・ The coating has high adhesion and high ductility.
Though hard films such as DLC and plating have a significant risk of performance degradation due to peeling, PAPRO Slide coating maintains the lubricating effect.


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